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Watch YMH LIVE at the Ice House 4/19 and BONUS MATERIAL!

April 23, 2014 | comments

Visit this link https://www.cogo.tv/yourmomshouse/checkout/amount?reward=468 to see the latest YMH LIVE at the Ice House in Pasadena, 4/19.

This show was amazing, we had a blast. Possibly the greatest YMH LIVE to date…Check out this special episode as well as the BONUS material featuring the handsome Theo Huxtable.

@tomsegura @christinap

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Ep 211: LIVE From San Francisco (Man Frandisco)

April 4, 2014 | comments

No need for a big description here – it’s LIVE from San Francisco (Man Frandisco). Put on your old denim panties and enjoy this one (it’s full of treats)! J-J-J-JEANS UNIT!

@tomsegura @christinap

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Ep 210: Aussie Pimp, the Neighborhood Whacker and the OFFICIAL YKWIS Criterion is SET

April 3, 2014 | comments

Ain’t nothin in life free. P***y would be at the top of that list, especially for an ex-pat roided out Aussie pimp handling his Thai ho’s. Make sense? Dude has some good points and a LOT of job stoppers (you’ll soon understand). A man violated the safety and sanctity of our neighborhood in front of Tina and inTO a Yoplait (possible future sponsor?).

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Ep 209: Exclusive Aunty Fee Fee Interview! She Sings a Song for US & YKWIS CHAMPION.

April 2, 2014 | comments

It never gets old. No matter how much time passes by, joy is always spread when someone drops a Deez Nuts joke. And if you get it on TV? Well, we collectively thank you, sir. New music from you, the little jeans, is welcomed and celebrated! It’s time to post a challenge!

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Ep 208: Megan Kiester of Vice, The King of YKWIS and Brown Everywhere!

March 26, 2014 | comments

FART. That’s one of many different noises you will hear on this episode. We really cover all the bases, YKWIS? Yes, there’s a new champ in the You Know What I’m Sayin circle and it is GLORIOUS! Tina and Tommy both have Brown issues – You’ve been warned.

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